Kao Noi Palace (Songkhla)

Kao Noi Palace (Songkhla)


 Kao Noi Palace  (Songkhla)

The Kao Noi Palace is located at the southern of foothill of Noi Mountain on Sa Dao Road. It was built in 2454 B.E. as the accommodation for HRH Prince YugalaDighambara , Prince of Lopburi when he came here to serve as the Lord Lieutenant of Nakorn Si Thammarat (2453-2458 B.E.) and Viceroy of South (Nakorn Si Thammarat, Surajthani, Pattani, Chumphon Province during 2458-2468 B.E.). The Kao Noi Palace was established in the Year of the Pig on November, 2454 B.E. by French engineers from Bangkok. The King Rama VI had stayed here when he came to Songkla Province during 13th – 19th June 2458 B.E.



Moreover, the palace used to be political asylum of many princes and princesses after change of government such as Princess Phra Nang Chao SuvadhanaandHer Royal Highness Princess BejaratanaRajasuda, the Princess Cousin (or SomdetPhrachaoBhakhinithoeChaofaBejaratanaRajasudaSirisobhabannavadi). 

Furthermore, the palace also used to be the accommodation of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit when they visited people at the Southern region of Thailand on March, 2502 B.E. Since then, the palace was under management of Songkla Province without no one staying there. Until 2507 B.E., it was renovated as the accommodation of Provincial governor of Songkla Province (Thongkam-PleawThongyai) and has been used as the accommodation of Provincial governor of Songkla till these days.

It was built as the accommodation of Viceroy of the South and designed by French architect.

The important which are patented
1.The Kao Noi Palace
2.The office of Reg Cross of Songkla Province

It was established in 2454 B.E. 

Operation history
Fine Art Department announced the palace as the archeological site of the nation in Royal Thai Government GazetteSerial No.111, Chapter 20, 10th March 2537 B.E.
It is located at Sa Dao Road, Bo Yang Subdistrict, MueangSongkla of Songkla Province.



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