Pikul Thong royal project

Pikul Thong royal project

 Pikul Thong Royal Project

"Swamp Land Development Center Ground The prototype solution for acid soil."


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The place of origin The 'soil pretend' project, which is the prototype for solving acid problems. Because of Narathiwat. Southern Thailand It is a lowland area, so water is kept all year round. Also known as 'peat soil' is low quality soils. It is not suitable for growing crops.


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His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is graciously pleased to proclaim the establishment of Pikun Thong Development Education Center. To be both sample and prototype for farmers. Want to develop your own business? Who wants to know how to solve the problem of the soil of the King Rama IX is not to miss!


Source: manager.co.th

Do not miss: Visit the land development project, pretend to solve the problem of acid soil to grow plants, learn the agriculture of His Majesty King His Majesty the King, study how to grow vegetables. Together with rubber, as well as the winter flower growing. Fish farming in acid sulfate ponds

Travel: The 4136 street is located between Pikul Thong and Baan Khok Yaya, 8 km from the city center.


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