Top Recommend Restaurant in Hatyai

Top Recommend Restaurant in Hatyai


 Top Recommend Restaurant in Hatyai

    The atmosphere in the city's bustling and popular tourist attractions in Hat Yai and Songkhla. There are many restaurants as well. Each restaurant is known for its delicious, along with the city for a long time. Still taste traditional cuisine. Whether tourists are few times. That is what attracted me to the fairgrounds. Today we suggest a decidedly 10th Annual Hat Yai and Songkhla.



Chockdee Tateem Hatyai

    Authentic taste that is paired with a Hat. A restaurant with people waiting for most cities, it is not. The emphasis on openness A showcase of dim sum goodies page. Customers can choose any you like. Dim sum of the ingredients well. Menu highlights include the Toba Te Landau was concentrated to a Chinese medicine for more than 10 kinds of delicious food for you to feast on.





 Yiw Ice Cream

    Prince of Songkhla egg ice cream as a 'Jin Guo Yuan', also called 'Popsicle Jewish' cool to give ice cream eggs. How are the eggs and beat the egg. Before poured over ice cream Sprinkle with powdered Ovaltine. Served with banana and put it all to the table. Compatible best yet






 Fried Chicken Deja

    Original Fried Chicken Hat The original flavor is still delicious, more than 30 years and remains a uniquely desirable customers for a long time. Sprinkle chicken fried crispy onion, served with sauce. Menu includes Chicken Biryani The process is still traditional Yellow curry and spicy curry under the Seed. Anyone who refused to sign.





 Nai Roo Restaurant

    Enjoy dinner with a small restaurant in an alley mystery. But the delicious secret as you think 'shop in a' hole 'in the title might be a little strange. But for the inflation that is well familiar. This is a small Chinese restaurant. Famous among foodies with a taste that you find difficult and affordable. Through Word of mouth, customers crowded the store every day. Located close to Kim Yong Market. Not difficult to find


Recommend Menu: soup, omelette, Tofu, fried pork chops, sea ice fanatical brutality, fried spring rolls





 Che Chen Nom Sod

    noted Hatyai 'The city has a lot of milk, therefore if you have not visited a dairy shop of the city. 'Che Zhen Milk' Milk hits the top. Like tourists, especially teens Focus airy atmosphere seemed to be small. However, customers very tight Decorated in bright colors


Recommend Menu: whole milk, whole milk, cocoa, honey, Santos, Mama Carne.



Tip: Shortcut to book tickets without a queue at a special price!


 Khao Stu Kiat Fang Restaurant

    To Songkhla commercially The menu name is 'rice, pork stew' shop as you do this tasty menu to give 'foils listen to Stew Pork' in Queen Street. The shop is a gallery of ancient recipes. Tender pork and gourmet soup. Compatibility is good with spicy sauce. Sip the cup until the last drop of it. There is also a rice crispy pork. Including steamed buns recipe Do not miss one of this restaurant's menu.







    Delicious beef noodle concentrated on raw beef quality. And in chewing Hnubhnab Highlights are the soup simmer long enough time. The natural sweetness makes it really. You represent, of course, one has to be impressed.






    Come experience a slow way of life of the people of Songkhla Queen Street again. Visit the shop at But Hia soy 'shop opened for several generations now. A classic look The taste of food I have one word for 'delicious' short easy. The impressive When clients sit at the table The restaurant will be serving tea fragrance to eat between meals. Who wants to eat to make a reservation first.


Recommended dishes: tofu topping, chopped egg, shrimp, coconut curry,
yellow snapper, mullet, fried egg bomb, the stewed beef chilli crab





 Sirada Restaurant

    The most popular restaurants on the island terminal. Creating gourmet seafood dishes served to tourists. The atmosphere of the restaurant spacious open air overlooking the lake farmsteads. Also get in touch with a touch of cool breeze through the room. With views of the romantic front.


Recommended dishes: Sir David, soup, sea bass, sea brutal fucking crazy (seafood hot pot)





 Kan Aeng Hatyai


    The restaurant has a long-standing reputation. The food is fresh and delicious menu. Whether it is food taste Thailand. Or the spicy southern dishes to spices. Atmosphere with spacious comfortable tourists visiting London. Do not miss the subsidies




There are too many restaurants to search for more information. But if you lost all info and no internet access. Can access for Airport Free WiFi at the airport free of charge,
for more details Click the picture down here.


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