One Day Trip @Hat Yai visited the first stainless pagoda in the world!

One Day Trip @Hat Yai visited the first stainless pagoda in the world!

 One Day Trip @Hat Yai visited the first stainless pagoda in the world!


    Flights Hatyai episode2, This pagoda to watch the world's first stainless steel. Eat the food you take Enjoy a three-dimensional photography museum. Devotional Pillar Shrine Rest Hotel Hat Yai city center end the evening with a fun pub. Nightlife appease tourists All of this comes to you in One Day Trip Flights Hatyai time :)



    Starting out at Hat Yai Airport Central South I check in at 'The Bed Hatyai' drive from the airport, about 14 km trip takes only 20 minutes to do that, but this is a 3-star hotel in the City. Get decorating ideas from the 'nets' comprehensive help them sleep. When he came in to the fragrance of green tea. Help relax the weary journey. It is a relaxing experience new styles unlike any in Songkhla.

Address: Supasarn Rangsan Rd. Hat Yai, Songkhla

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    The hotel is just 750 meters near a source of delicious, do not miss the beach too. Satisfy your meat with 'Coke Samet Chun beef noodles' braised beef noodle onion. N. Glass Ball Bounce fresh beef broth concentrated together perfectly. Highlight is the restaurant will cook the noodles with dark soy sauce produced in Hat Yai, only me. Those who do not like to eat meat I had the pork store it. Oh ... forgot restaurant is open from 2 pm onwards.

Address: She Utid Rd. Hatyai, Songkla



    But for tourists who want to eat chicken noodle. I have come here only! 'Korn Mee Kai' (Chicken noodle) noodle shop on the beach. The first shop is just 500 meters yellow noodles chewy. Do not cook the soup, sauce and even less pork meatballs with noodles in a very unbalanced. Especially chicken, fresh texture and decoration was simple. Wooden wall vintage classic.

Address: Padung Pakdee Rd. (opposite Diana Department), Hatyai Songkhla.
Open: 17:00 to 23:30 hrs.



Tips: You must end with a dessert dish. Chicken noodle arm away from the store with a bakery located here.
EP's Café Patisseries' delicious coffee cake concentration scenic ride comfort of the chill :)



    Museum 3D drawings, but one that has at Bangkok's it! Inflation is already here 'Magic Eye Museum' First 3D Museum in London. Experience the exotic city center This is where the magic of art through a camera lens. The building is divided into two floors and painting in the room underwater hotel room Animals old artist. A world of ice A surreal art Room for fun A thrill rides with visual images from more than 100 professional painters from Korea.

Address: 1408 Greenway Market Street, Kanjanawanit Rd. ,Hatyai Songkhla.
Website: / facebook: Magic Eye Museum.
Open: daily 09:00 to 21:00 hrs.



    And also reached the highlights of our time here. 'Maha Chedi Tripop Tri sacred' or known by the name of 'gauge stainless steel' and 'Pagoda stainless steel' stands on top of his neck like a swan. This stupa is a pagoda stainless steel body of the world. Created to give a royal Kusl unto the reign of the ninth. And as a symbol of Buddhist culture and traditions of Thailand. The pagoda silver look spectacular when you light shine within the spiral staircase stainless steel lead-up to the 2nd floor every day at 7, 17, 27 at 10:20 of every month to provide the general public to join.


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    Well, until the day tired Find a restaurant delicious Showroom! London is a city that combines the delicious colors. But what we will recommend today that the famous local food very much. 'Kan Ang Restaurant' Uthit Road 3. This restaurant is famous for it. All delicious menu Savor Southern cuisine to spicy curry. Thailand attracts both tourists and foreigners. The Malaysian tourists

Open: daily 10:30 to 14:00 hrs. / 17:00 to 21:00 pm.
Recommend Menu: 'Pork Leg' top menus, melt in your mouth



    Those who are still not enough. Dancers come together to have fun at the 'Nectar Pub' pub famous teenager ever appease every night. By famous artists With food, drinks and entertainment formats. Just 10 minutes away from the restaurants themselves only.

Location: Hansa JB Hotel, Hatyai Songkhla

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