Laem Chong Thanon (Phatthalung)

Laem Chong Thanon (Phatthalung)


 Laem Chong Thanon (Phatthalung)

LaemChong Thanon is a famous fishing village of Phatthalung located in Chong Thanon sub-district, KhaoChaison district in Phatthalung. It is 39 kilometers away from the city.

LaemChong Thanon has impressed many visitors by its beautiful location where the hill slopes down to Songkhla Lake. The village has a good view of islands and a brilliant sunset photo capturing spot.



“Fisherman’s lifestyle” is what captures tourists’ attention thought the number of visitors has decreased from the past record. One of the fishing characters is the set of “Pong Pang” or fish traps in the middle of the lake. This can create income of approximately 3,000-4,000 baht per day for the fisherman. Also, “Mum” a folk wisdom of Songkhla lake area offers another method of fishing. The fisherman will set the tree stump in the water and wait until a number of fish gather in a group. Then they will catch fish and pull the stump out.

Another activity that cannot be missed is to tastefresh seafood from Songkhla Lake from shrimp, mantis shrimps, shells, crabs, mullets, catfishes and delicious “sea bass”.




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