Guide Book Issue 15: “8 Meals 8 Food Style in Hatyai” Only a few days, you can complete the trip and End all with delicious food!!

Guide Book Issue 15: “8 Meals 8 Food Style in Hatyai” Only a few days, you can complete the trip and End all with delicious food!!


Guide Book Issue 15

8 Meals 8 Food Style in Hatyai
Only a few days, you can complete the trip and End all with delicious food!!


    ‘Hatyai’ is a small city that many people often overlook.  Believe it or not, if only you will have a few days while waiting for travel, you can visit the so called Unseen Hatyai and experience the legendary Hatyai delicious authentic taste with 8 Meals 8 Styles that you can possibly imagine.  Let’s tell you that every restaurant is delicious. Very good taste as the reputation is widely spoken!

  Hatyai Airport
The gateway to the South where accommodates millions of passengers a year, including offering free Wi-Fi service to play for up to 2 hours

 How to go to Hatyai
 By plane, it takes only 2 hours to Hat Yai International Airport
 By Car on highway 35 (Rent a car, click)
 By Bus from Southern Bus Terminal, it will take 12 hours
 By Train from Hua Lamphong Railway Station, it will take 10-14 hours.

 How will to go in to Hat Yai city?
 Car rental at the airport (Rent a car, click)
 Minibus (Songthaew/two-row seat bus) (flat price THB 1,000 or more)
 Three-wheeler (Samlor/Tricycle) (The cost of the service depends on the destination).  



 Booking 'Hatyai Meridian Hotel' Here!!



Guiding items for Gourmets, Bring them to pleasure you. This trip will be happy for you.

 Indigestion Tablets   T-shirts   Spandex Pants (Tights)    Camera
 Mobile Phone   Lovely Notebook    Erasable Pen    Pocket Money
 Baby Wipes (Wet Wipes/Wet Tissue)   Deodorant Mouth Spray   Hair Spray




 8 meals 8 food style in hatyai

 Authentic original local cuisine

 Nai Roo Restaurant  
Open: 11.00 am. – 20.00 pm.
The legend deliciousness is in an mysterious alley near Kim Yong Market.  A small Chinese restaurant is famous among gourmets for a taste that is scarcely to find and reasonable prices.   This causes customers are crowded every day. Read More>>>

 Khok Samet Chun Beef Noodle
Open: 08.00 am. – 18.00 pm.
 A concentrated flavor beef noodle restaurant  provides good quality beef, chewing entrails, flavorful sweet taste soup from natural which is worth to boil for a long time.  It would be guaranteed that anyone who tastes it has to be impressed. Read More>>>

 Kan Eng Restaurant  
Open: 10.30 am. – 14.00 pm., 17.00 pm. – 21.30 pm.
Just the name is definitely known as friendly.   Therefore, the dining at this restaurant is so casual like dining at home.  With the reputation for a long time including with the freshness and all delicious menus, it causes Thai Food and highly-seasoned spicy flavor Local Food absolutely attract the customers’ favorite. Read More>>>

 Kumluknod Restaurant   
Open: 11.00 am. – 22.00 pm. (Close every 3-4 of the month)
Taste the original traditional authentic Southern cuisine that has been established for over 10 years.  This place is surrounded by natural atmosphere like dining in the park.  The most popular ingredient must be the Palmyra Palm or the Toddy Palm (Luknod) to cook a variety of menus, such as Roasted Curry with Prawns and palm node (Khang Kua Luk Nod and Prawns), that everyone has to order. Read More>>>

 Taa Yern Chinese Restaurant  
An old Chinese restaurant has been with Hat Yai city for many years with simple decoration.  However, the food taste is unique to be second to none, for example, fried frog with crispy garlic, Kau Yoke (Belly Pork Steamed with Preserved Vegetable), chopped Betong chicken, and so on, with selected good quality ingredients to serve all customers. Read More>>>



 Easy to eat, Paid by order.

 Decha Fried Chicken   
Open: 11.00 am. – 22.00 pm.
The authentic fried chicken with original taste remains the deliciousness for more than 30 years, and still is the uniqueness of the crispy outside and soft inside, topping with fried shallots, and eat with a spicy tasty dipping sauce.  Additionally, there are other menus, such as Chicken Biryani (Chicken Rice Curry with Coconut/Koa Mok Gai), which keeps the traditional cooking process, and Spicy Yellow Curry as traditional Thai Southern style curry.  That would let anyone hardly deny.  Read More>>>

 Tom Leng, Spicy flavor Je Tim
Open: 10.00 am. – 20.00 pm.
The hot and spicy recipe is ready to serve for you to taste.  Leng is the spiny pieces of pork, firmly attached to the meat which is boiled for up to four hours until the meat is tender, including with the spicy soup into a very large bowl.  The price is 80 baht only. (Ask about the price at the restaurant again for accuracy.) Read More>>>

 Pork Soup Je Tuk
Open: 06.00 am. – 22.00 pm.
Slurp a hot soup to swallow easily.  The price starts at THB 30 with a large quantity comparing to the price.  Add in everything like Sliced Pork, Small Intestine of Pork, Congealed Pork Blood, Pork Liver, Shang-Ji (Pork Kidney) with sanitary hygiene without fishy smell and being tasty.  Be full up with reasonable price.  Read More>>>

 Je Pen Restaurant  
Delicious cooked to order meals (a la carte dishes) are very famous for Hat Yai people.  The main menus focus on Traditional Thai Southern Style Cuisine with strong spicy flavor curry.  However, anyone who does not have spicy, do not worry, because the restaurant can drop the spicy as requested.  Sour and Spicy Seafood Soup with Roasted Chili Paste, Stir-Fried Twisted Cluster Bean (Bitter Bean) with Shrimps and Shrimp Paste (Stir Fried Shrimp with Sataw and Shrimp Paste), Steamed Chinese White Pomfret with Chinese Plum, these mentioned menus are recommended to order. Read More>>>

 Toong Loong Chicken Rice
Open: 07.00 am. – 16.00 pm.
The original authentic Chicken Rice has been established for more than 60 years which is the favorite restaurant for both of Thai and Malaysian tourists.  The highlight of the restaurant is using the domestic fowl, freshly cooked every day, fine-grained rice, and mellow exotic soup.  Read More>>>



Bring Seafood to Onshore

 The Zeafood Bar
Open: 10.00 am. – 24.00 am.
Bring the sea to downtown.   Guarantee the freshness with a variety of raw materials to be conserved in freezing temperatures at the showcase display area in front of the restaurant, including with living River Prawns which the meat is nice and fresh waiting for us to taste.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is decorated with Industrial Loft Style, being stylish with exposed concrete to create relaxing emotion. Read More>>>

 Bankampu Hatyai  
Open: 16.00 pm. – 22.00 pm.
A cool restaurant just has been established recently, but the response has been very good.  You would enjoy with the various menus of seafood, particularly the large and firm crab meat.  The highlight menu is Crab Meat Fried Rice, which would see Crab Meat every time of eating.  Full up as being widely spoken. Read More>>>

 Je Hoy Seafood 128  
Open: 17.00 pm. – 23.30 pm.
This food stall focuses on seafood.  There are, however, dishes only without rice.   A recommended menu must be ordered is Grilled Saba (Grilled Mackeral), and served with a spicy scrumptious dipping seafood sauce, not too sour.   Of course, once dining seafood, the hands must be dirty, doesn’t it?  The restaurant also provides hand washing water with lemon peels to serve.   Read More>>>

 Sit Seafood  
Open will start from 17.00 pm. onwards
An another old traditional restaurant is in Hat Yai City.  About the taste, don’t mention it, since it’s really tasty that you would leave nothing to be desired!!   The regular menus must be Crab Meat Fried Rice, Sour and Spicy Soup with Prawn (Tom Yum Kung), and the tasty spicy seafood sauce which each people has to request for several times.  Moreover, what are about the queues?   You have to wait for a long time, but it’s absolutely delicious!!  Read More>>>

 Chong Khao Seafood   
Open: 17.00 pm. – 23.00 pm.
The Thai restaurant focuses on Seafood.  The dining area would be separated into Indoor and Outdoor areas, where is airy and well-ventilated being suitable for dinner.  Besides the taste, it would be the freshness of food.  Particularly, the crab eggs could be eaten unlimitedly, for example, Steamed Crab Eggs, and Hot and Sour Curry made of Tamarind Paste with Crab Eggs.  Furthermore, Grilled Trevally has also reasonable price and is valuable.  Read More>>>



 For Noodles lovers.

 Grilled Pork Tom Yum Noodles
Open: 09.00 am. – 15.30 pm.
Noodles with Tom Yum Soup (Spicy Soup), including the roasted pork and minced pork are well mixed with tasty soup, and flavorful taste with lime aroma.  Anyone who arrives at noon has to be patient, since there is the very long queue.  But the deliciousness is worth to be waiting for dining.  Read More>>>

 Thai Rice Noodles PaChuenน
Open: 09.30 am. – 16.00 pm.
Kanomjeen PaChuen has been opened for a long time, with good preparation for every process and selection all good quality ingredients.  Thai Rice Noodles with Chicken Green Curry, Southern Style Fish Soup with Fermented Fish's Stomach (Gaeng Tai Pla), they are the recommended menus which everyone has to order.  Do recognize that on weekend the food would have been sold out since the afternoon. Read More>>>

 Korn Mee Kai (Chicken Noodels) 
Open: 17.00 pm. – 23.00 pm.
The deliciousness to anyone has to taste.  The highlight is the taste of the intense soup, which is absorbed into the chicken with rich smell.  The taste is guaranteed with the crowded customers every day.   Read More>>>

 Mali Kway Teow Tom Yum Goong
Open: 10.00 am. – 21.00 pm.
Spicy noodle soup recipe is covered with Fried Crab Meat (Pu Ja), Mussels, Fish, Squid, Fish Balls and River Prawns.  The taste is very flavorful and spicy which blended with shrimp paste.  It’s sweet and greasy making mouth watering Read More>>>

 Nan Yuan Noodle Restaurant  
Open: 13.00 pm. – 22.00 pm.
A Shrimp Wonton Noodle shop is very well-known in Hat Yai.  Large shrimp well matches with the flavorful taste soup.  In addition, there are other menus, such as Thai Fried Wonton, Shrimps Salad, and Egg Noodles Soup with duck and red roasted pork.  The price has just started from THB 40 only.  Read More>>>



 Sweet Desserts, Eat and Enjoy.

 Thai-Tai Ice Cream  
Open: 10.00 am. – 20.00 pm.
An Ice cream shop has sold for more than 10 years.  According to the highlight of this shop, there are more than 30 kinds of toppings to select as wishes.  This would get well with both flavors of ice cream like chocolate and coconut milk and also can add with frozen eggs a little.  It will be marvelous for many days.  Or if anyone wants to order to go back to eat at home, there is the available service as well.  Read More>>>

 Che Chen Nom Sod   
Open: 17.00 pm. – 24.00 am.
This is the most popular at the top of Dairy Milk Shop of Hat Yai and attracts the tourists, specifically the teenagers.  The excellent menus that you have to order are Custard Apple in Milk and Longan in Milk.  The delicious dishes are great like eating ice cream.   Read More>>>

 Kala Coconut Milk Ice Cream  
Open: 11.00 – 20.00 pm.
An another cool place has to be tasted.  Fresh coconut milk ice cream includes the toppings that can be selected for more than 10 types.  The highlights of the shop are the cups and spoons made of coconut shells.  End up with the drinking water spreading Jasmine in silver bowl to serve for the tourists to drink to relieve the temper. Read More>>>

 Mun Duey Tua  
Open:  10.00 am. – 16.00 pm.
“Mun Duey” is a traditional dessert eaten only in Hat Yai.  The sweet flavor from Potato, crushed Red Bean, and Millet topped with coconut milk and served in traditional coffee mugs is the unique of this shop.  The deliciousness is guaranteed for more than 50 years.  Read More>>>

 E.P’s Artisan Bakery
Open: 11.00 am. – 22.00 pm.
A small cake shop is lively and looks cozy.  The signature menu of the shop would be Prune Cake that uses the recipe from Indonesia.  The taste is excellent.  Anyone who has been here must order. Read More>>>



 Tonight, let's chill out. 

Open: 20.00 pm. – 01.00 pm.
A restaurant is in comfortable atmosphere decorated with antique and classic cars which are the collection of the owner of the restaurant.  The upper story is a private area which is suitable for hanging out privately. Sit leisurely and listen to the Western-style music of 60s and Folk music, together with dining delicious meals and seeing panoramic views of Hat Yai City. Read More>>>

 White-Line Pub & Restaurant
Open will start from 20.00 pm. onward 
The atmosphere is stylish with dim orange tones, which is suitable for party and listening to live music.  Additionally, there is the menus attracted the customers’ favorite that has to be ordered.  Or even you would like to enjoy hanging out with friends, this place is pretty good choice.     Read More>>>

 Fourth 4th
Open: 16.00 pm. – 24.00 am.
This is another dairy shop where teenagers and tourists frequent to dine.  The shop serves both Beverages, and Appetizer Menu, or even A La Carte Dishes (Main courses) are also available.  It offers the cosy and warm atmosphere and let us seat comfortably, including free Wi-Fi service to be available too. Read More>>>

 Hydbrid House Restaurant
Open: 17.00 pm. – 01.00 am.
The decoration focuses on the outdoor atmosphere like having dinner in the courtyard on a soft lawn that is suitable for party, or even a family has dinner together along with the light background music. There are also the dishes of more than 100 menus, for example, Roast Spare Rib Pork with Tomato Sauce, Crispy Shrimp Salad, and Fried Egged Squid with Garlic.      Read More>>>

 Ko Pi Kuan  
Open: 16.00 pm. – 24.00 am.
The shop is good for sitting relaxingly in peaceful and cool atmosphere. The decoration is designed with traditional and antique style, but charming.   This place is surrounded by beautiful gardens.  There is the light background music to accompany with, including delicious menus that is available to serve for you to taste the whole night. Read More>>>



 What about breakfast?

 Chok Dee Dim Sum (Chok Dee Tae Tiam) 
Open: 06.00 am. – 11.00 am., 17.00 pm. – 23.00 pm.
The original authentic cuisine is along with Hat Yai.  It is well-known as the restaurant where the people have to be waiting for a long queue in the city.  There are varieties of Dim Sum dishes being steamed in the steaming pots, that are available for choosing as required.  Additionally, an excellent menu is Bak Kut Teh, with concentrated flavor of Chinese herbal medicines for more than 10 types.   Read More>>>

 Sa La Pao Ko Aoun (Chinese bun/Steamed Stuff Bun)  
Open: 18.00 pm. – 02.00 am.
How awesome it is for Baked Bun from the recipe of the restaurant.  It would miss should anyone who arrive at here and has not eaten this menu.  Furthermore, there are Chinese Steamed Dumpling, Thai Fried Wonton, Iced Cocoa (Ovaltine), Roti (Southern Flat Bread), Sticky Rice and Fried Chicken, Grilled Cockle, and many more. Read More>>>

 Pa Tong Ko Tao Than Ko Teng (Chinese Cruller/Chinese Doughnut on stove)  
Open: 05.00 am. – 10.00 am.
The taste has become the reputation for more than 50 years that Hat Yai people has already known of the deliciousness.  The secret is the charcoal stove with fire over the pans causing Pa Tong Ko tastes more aromatic flavor. It is the crispy outside and soft inside with the price is only THB 2.  Eat with custard, it would be really great.    Read More>>>

 Ko Chang Coffee  
Open: 07.00 am. – 11.00 am.
An excellent restaurant should not be missed in the morning.  There are three main menus, which are Fried bread with minced pork spread, Fried Egg with Ham, and Rice Porridge.  There is also a morning coffee provided.  It would be certainly that not be disappointed.      Read More>>>

 Bak Kut Teh Yen Jit  
Open: 07.00 am. – 14.00 pm.
A traditional Bak Kut Teh restaurant serves only few main menus. That is the famous Bak Kut Teh, with Chinese herbal medicines scent.  And Roast Pork or Kau Yoke with authentic Chinese flavor providing an original taste without adding ingredients. Read More>>>



 How Chic It!

 Bikini Salad
Open: 16.00 pm. – 21.00 pm.
The salad buffet for anyone who always eats would be a good figure until he/she is able to wear a bikini.  This is suitable for healthy people with a variety of side dishes salad for more than 10-15 types that each day will not be the same.  For the Salad dressing, it is also a low-fat recipe.  Don't be afraid to get fat. Read More>>>

 The Containers Factory Canteen
Open: 11.00 am. – 23.00 pm.
Industrial decoration style restaurant focuses on exposed concrete matched with the containers. This attracts the teenagers with a cool bar corner.  There are also a variety of menus being rotated differently for more than 60 menus.  Additionally, there are bakery classes and rental venue for the banquet.  And the places for taking pre-wedding photos are available here Read More>>>

 Tuber Café Munity
Open: 09.00 am. – 22.00 pm.
This place is the first co-working space in Hat Yai, that is available for you to work more than being in a rut. It is not boring like just staying at home or a coffee shop. There are also Appetizer Menu and tasty Beverages to provide. Read More>>>

 Aong Hieb Huad
Open: 10.00 am. – 18.00 pm.
A very chic coffee shop in old town is a small shop with warm memories.  The vintage decoration lets us return to the past to the old days, including dining the food that anyone should not miss.  Read More>>>

 Burger Bravo
Open: 18.00 pm. – 24.00 am.
A modern food truck attracts the tourists that pays attention to every process. The signature menu of the shop is Super Bravo, the double pieces of beef stuffed with cheese, covered with ham, bacon, eggs and french fries, and topped with special sauce of the shop. Read More>>>



 The most attractive destinatiom in Hatyai

 Kim Yong Market 
A main destination is in Hat Yai that everyone has to visit. This is a large market selling lots of stuff, such as snacks, nuts, dry fruits, clothing, and imported goods from Malaysia and Indonesia. The tourists can enjoy shopping from morning until evening. Read More>>>

 Phra Mahathat Chedi Traiphop Traimongkon
or the first stainless steel chedi in the world, located on the top of Khao Kho Hong (Kho Hong mountain). On every 7th, 17th and 27th of every month, Buddhists will gather at the temple to give the offering dedicated to the monks.  Read More>>>

 Kuan Khao Wang Forest Park
The National Forest Area is surrounded by beautiful scenery, cool weather, and much wildlife to admire. You can study nature including camping, watch the beauty of the morning sunrise at the scenic spot. Read More>>>

 Hatyai Ice Dome
Under the temperature of -15 degrees becomes a hot shelter for both Thai and foreign tourists through the dazzling ice sculptures that anyone would love it. Read More>>>

 Hatyai Cable Car
The first and only one Sky Cable Car in Thailand, take you to watch scenic view of Hatyai with Bird Eye View and touch the new experience of travel that you cannot be found elsewhere. Read More>>>

 TonNgaChang Waterfall
The waterfall is regarded as one of the most beautiful of the South. It is high 7 floors, suitable for swimming, relaxing, and has toured throughout the year. Read More>>>

 Klong Hae Floating Market 
The first and only one floating market in the south. It’s very popular among the tourists. Here, it gathers many Thai food, Muslim food, fruit and local goods. The indispensable charm is the hundreds of rowing boats parked along the waterfront for you to choose and enjoy eating food. Read More>>>

 Morning Mist
On the early morning Korhoong hill, there are few people know that it has a mist cover there. It is beautiful no less than another places, just takes only 20 minutes from downtown for breathe the fresh air and watch 360 degree mist view. Read More>>>




 Accommodations   Style


‘Centara Hotel Hatyai’

Rate per night: starting from 1,000 – 7,000 Baht|
Location: 3 Sanehanusorn Road, Hat Yai Central, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110


 Family Stay

‘Lalita Boutique’

Rate per night: starting from 670฿
Location: 100 Raj U-tid Rd. Soi. 30, Hat Yai North, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110


 Boutique Style

‘Buri Sriphu Boutique Hotel’

Rate per night: starting from 1,500 – 3,500 Baht
Location: 310 Sriphuwanart Road, Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110


 Chic Chic

‘The Bed Hotel Hatyai’

Rate per night: starting from 2,000 – 5,500฿
Location: 170/1-2 Supasarn Rangsan Rd. Hatyai, Hatyai Distric Songkhla, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110


 Near Kim Yong Market

‘Red Planet Hotel Hatyai’

Rate per night: starting from 700 – 1,000฿
Location: 152-156 Niphat Uthit 2 Road, Hat Yai Central, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110


 Cheap and Nice

‘La Pause Hatyai’

Rate per night: starting 1,040฿
Location: 43, 45 Juti Uthit 3 Road,, Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110


 Healthy Lover

‘AC Sportcenter’

Rate per night: 
900 – 1,500฿
Location: 224 Plugthong-Kuanjong, Hat Yai Market Area, Hat Yai, Thailand, 90110


 Eco Lover

'Chestnut Hill Eco Resort'

Rate per night: 900 – 1800฿
Location: 174/3 Moo 5, Ban Thung Chang, Phatong, Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand, 90230



 One Day Trip Guides

If you have only single day, you can travel all around Hatyai, it is true. Who said that it was just a stopover town anyway? Let's think about it again.

Episode1: Dine around the Kim Yong market, sit cable car to enjoy the top view. 

If all of this makes you interested in this small town then, pick up your baggage and fly straight to your destination. May be this trip change your mind to fall in love with this city at all. :)

 Hat Yai has... Food 8 good meals 8 styles; it’s always delicious when you eat. Very tasty!
 Hat Yai has... Fun with 8 landmark attractions.
Hat Yai has... Fashion chic shopping at Kim Yong market and all the good stuff.
Hat Yai has... Facility The hotel provides a relaxing and tireless with full facilities.


In the next issue, meet heaven on Earth at 'Kanchanaburi'