5 Automatic Self Check-in System

5 Automatic Self Check-in System

5 Automatic Self Check-in System

Many travelers often have trouble getting to queue for long check-in queues. Many people choose to check in via their home computer. Or check in through the airline's self-service check-in cabinets. But most of these choices do not make the chaos disappear altogether. So we've put together the best check-in options available to you:

1. Check in website

This online check-in is available through the airline website. Which is available anywhere with internet within 24 hours and 2 hours before departure. The check-in time depends on the airlines operating in the country you are traveling to. For Thai Airways Thai Airways Bangkok Airways, AirAsia and Nok Air have this service of course. And when you verify check-in details. Choose seats and order delicious snacks on the machine. (If available) You can print boarding passes or boarding passes from your printer. You may use self service check-in cabinets. (Some airlines in some countries provide this service) at the terminal and print the boarding pass from there quickly. And if you have to load the bag under the plane. Just check in at the baggage counter of the airline. (This usually excludes check-in queues for boarding tickets. Make queue check in luggage faster.) All should be completed one hour before departure. And an hour and a half for those who want to go shopping in Duty Free.

At present, both domestic and international airlines provide online check-in services to accommodate all passengers.

     Advantages Check in from home without waiting for queues. (Immigration checkpoints) and checkpoints on checked baggage. Also take a little time to see the duty free goods as well.
     Considerations before choosing this method. If you do not have a printer or have to travel with large groups. As usual, each traveler must check in at one of their own and print their own boarding pass.

2. Self-service check-in cabinets

Major airlines In major airports in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, England, Germany, and the USA, there will be self-service check-in cabinets. It is open for about 24 hours to 90 minutes before the machine is released. Usually, the queue at the check-in cabin is shorter because the process is faster than scanning the passport and / or electronic air ticket. (Which may need to be printed out of the house). Select the destination and confirm the seat of your choice. The machine will then display your flight details and print your boarding pass. If there are luggage that needs to be loaded under the belly. Then check at the airline's luggage. This is neat

In Thailand, the check in cabinets are installed at Donmueang Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport By check-in airlines are as follows:

- Thai Airways
- AirAsia 

- Aeroflot
- Air France 
- Austrian 
- British Airways 
- Cathay Pacific
- Kenya Airways 
- Lufthansa 
- Egypt Air 
- Eva Air
- Delta Air Lines 
- Transaero Airlines
‚Äč- Turkish Airlines

For service Check-in cabin at Suvarnabhumi Airport You will need to enter a Ticket Number or a Frequent Flyer Number that you have booked and become a member of, in order to verify your identity as a check. In the trip at that time.

     Advantages These cabinets are usually open before check-in counters. Do not wait long and have ample time for a shopping stroll.
     Considerations before choosing this method. The airline you are traveling with may not have a check-in counter. Or if it is not available based on your specific path. Or if there is no such terminal at the terminal. Therefore, you should check before choosing this method. In addition, children traveling alone are not allowed to use the cabinet. And some airlines reserve the right to use these cabinets only for passengers traveling with luggage carriers.

3. Mobile Check-In

In addition to status updates on Facebook. Let's take advantage of mobile with check-in. Go to the airline website and have your flight details ready. Enter the details and click on the "Check In" button and wait for the message to be sent to your mobile, which is the message substituting your boarding pass. When you reach the exit door The airline staff will scan your mobile phone messages easily.

Nowadays, this is the most popular and convenient way to check in. Most importantly, both domestic and international airlines are offering all-in-flight check-in services.

Advantages You will benefit from online check-in anywhere. Let's just have a cell phone and the internet. In addition, this method does not require paper. It is also an environmental aid.
Considerations before choosing this method. Is mobile battery enough? Can I charge my mobile phone charger before leaving the airport? Power Bank (Power Bank) come with it? Or bring a mobile phone to go with it? Even though all current airlines will check in via mobile. But on some flights, it may not be available. You should check with your airline that your flight will be available on mobile check-in. Via the application?

4. Check-in at resort or other place

For Nok Air, check in at Nok Air Check & Shop at Central Plaza, next to Chiang Mai Airport. Nok Air will leave the boarding pass for about an hour before the flight, and Nok Air also provides shuttle service to the airport for Nok Air passengers. You will be required to check in at least 1 hour before but not more than 2 hours. This Check & Shop will be open from 11:30 to 20:00 hrs. With this special service, you will have time to walk around and find something delicious. You, during the time before check-in, carry baggage to be loaded under the plane.

For Bangkok, check-in is available at Makkasan Airport Link. However, there are only airlines available. Check-in is available for both domestic and international travelers. However, except for those traveling to the United States, check-in manually at Airport counter only Advance check-in services at this point can be made 3-12 hours prior to departure.

International Check-in is available from other locations, such as check-in from the train station at the Hong Kong airport and in Europe. The resort staff at the resort can help you check in from your hotel. Virgin Atlantic allows you to check in from some hotels in the Caribbean, Orlando, Florida.

     Advantages You can stay by the pool or have a longer time to enjoy the things you want to do before you leave.
     Considerations before choosing this method. Should you check with your airline that there is a quick way to check in?

5. Counter check-in

Check-in counter is also a good way. Even if not up-to-date, it may be a good choice. In general, check-in counters are open two hours before departure for Thai airports. In some countries, airlines may open check-in hours three hours before departure. Depending on the flight and destination. But check in time will vary. For flights that take a long trip. You should arrive at the airport for check-in at least two to three hours before arrival, and sooner or later, it will be the first of your queues. Duty Free Looks And time to make a tax refund in some countries such as Singapore, England, tourists can request refund of some types of tax.

Domestic flights may take 45-60 minutes to check in before departure.

     Advantages Suitable for those who can not use the internet and for those who need the least confusing check-ins and help people. Because sometimes the airline staff is handling eye contact when you have any special needs. It is a much easier choice. The opportunity for you to upgrade the seat straight. It's more than if you check in with one-on-one
     Considerations before choosing this method. I do not like to wait for hours. In a row There may be someone behind him who pockets his bag. For group travel You should study the route to the airport. Calculate and allow time to arrive at the airport. In addition, consider the number of people and the timeliness of travelers. You may choose to check in separately and meet up at the exit. Especially if you need more time for shopping in the Duty Free area.

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