Do You Know? There are 4 types of Thai passports.

Do You Know? There are 4 types of Thai passports.

 Do You Know? There are 4 types of Thai passports. 

A thing you cannot live without when you go aboard is “passport”. It is not only an international identity document, but also a notebook which records our travel information in various countries. 


Thai Passport

The Thai passport is the passport issued to citizens and nationals of Thailand by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Umm…what types of passport? 

Maroon cover
Ordinary passport – issued for ordinary travel. Validity is not over than 5 years. 

Dark blue cover
Official passport – Passport holder is allowed to use official passport for government business purpose only. It is not allowed for use in personal business. Official passport is issued to government officers, officers of the organization which establishment is complied with the Constitution, members of the House of Representative who represent governmental business aboard, and other personnel who travel abroad to do business for the government as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved. Validity is not over than 5 years. 

Red cover
Diplomatic passport – Validity is also not over than 5 years. It is not possible to extend validity of this type of passport. The Diplomatic passport is issued to specific persons as following 

1. Close relatives of the King and the King’s grandson or granddaughter. 
2. His Royal Highness Prince/Princess and spouse.
3. The Royal Family and other relatives for whom the Office of His Majesty’s Principal Private Secretary requests the diplomatic passport in special case 
4. President of Privy Council and Privy Councillors 
5. Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Ministers
6. House Speaker and Deputy House Speaker, Top Administrator and President of the Senate
7. President of the Supreme Court, Vice-President of the Supreme Court and President of the Court of Appeal
8. President of the Constitutional Court and President of Administrative Court
9. Ex-Prime Minister and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
10. Supreme Commander and Army Commander
11. Diplomat who has diplomatic mission aboard
12. A diplomat who works in foreign country, his/her spouse and child/children who lives and/or studies in that country, age of children should not be over 25 years old
13. A spouse who accompanies a person specified in number 2-8
14. Any person who works for benefits of the Thai government or is under Obligations between countries or if it is necessary or builds reputation for Thailand 

Green cover
Temporary passport – Validity period is limited for 2 years. It can be classified into 2 categories as the followings: 

  1. Monk Passport - Issued to monks and novices for travel abroad. 
  2. Hajj Passport - Issued to Thai Muslims for a hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.  


After you're finished checking the passport, you can go wherever with no worries, right? :) 




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