Do You Know? Airportthai Application is now available to be downloaded

Do You Know? Airportthai Application is now available to be downloaded



 Airportthai Application is now available to be downloaded

Just one application and you will never miss arriving or departing flights. All 6 in 1. It is as convenient as if every airport in Thailand was in your hand. Managing your trip is easy, right from your fingertips! You can check flight statuses and flight schedules 24 hours a day from anywhere.

Are you always in a hurry to get to the airport in time? You should not miss out on this application. You can save your flight time in My Flights and you will be notified 60 minutes before your departure time. You will never miss important flights anymore. Moreover, you can check flight status in Real Time. Every flight schedule of each airline will be right in your hand. Wherever you are, you can check flight status, arrival time and departure time in Real time. So Easy

Tourists who want to know service information or read passenger guides, arrival guides, departure guides, currency exchange, lost property, or passenger service center information. You can find them all in the Airportthai Application. The Airportthai Application also provides information on accommodations near airports including facilities and services information: parking areas, taxi, van, car rentals etc. Everything you need is in the Airportthai application.

Enjoy your time while waiting for your flight. Click Shop & Dine. The application will show you restaurants, ice cream cafés for your children, shopping centers for your daughter, or even a beauty salon for your wife. The Airportthai application provides locations of restaurants and shopping centers in the airport.

Enjoy your meal, take a picture and Check in. Just be in the airport, take a picture and Check in via Instagram, each of your sharing photo will be taken a part of us in each airport immediately. Another cool feature is that you can check what attractive big arms boys or cutie chick beside you share in Instagram. To view anybody’s Instagram will never difficult anymore.

If you want an impressive experience, full functionality to facilitate you, and to enjoy your amazing trip. Do not hesitate. The Airportthai application is available on App Store and Playstore. Click to download.





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