Tourist information


   -  Hat Yai City
   -  Hat Yai City Municipality Park
   -  Wat Hat Yai Nai
   -  Namtok Ton Nga Chang
   -  Santisuk Market
   -  Gim Yong Market
   -  Tinsulanond Bridge
   -  Koh Yor
   -  Leam Samila
   -  Leam Son On
   -  Kao Seng
   -  Cat and Rat Island
   -  Songkhla Zoo
   -  Khao Tang Kuan  

Students Dream Fulfillment
    Arranging tour to Songkhla's attractions for indigent students.  

Annual Procession of Buddha Images Festival
    Featuring Buddhist ceremony of averting catastrophe,parade of Buddha Images, golden dragon dance, lion dance, etc. 

Hatyai's Songkran Festival and Midnight Songkran Parade of Miss Songkran.
    ntertainment and Southern cultural performances. Midnight Songkran Bulls Fighting
Hatyai is Your Destination Fair
    Products fair. OTOP fair Stage performance
Sweet Fruits, Tasty Food Festival    

Food and agricultural products of Koh Yor Miss beauty contest Trade fair

Clean Food Good Taste & Healthy Fair
     Competition of Clean Food Good Taste, food shop contest, food fair, OTOP fair, plants fair, demonstration of plants nursing, agricultural fair
Vegetarian Festival
      Worshiping ceremony to sacred spirits. Dragon dance. Walking through fire. Vegetarian festivals
Loy Krathong Festival
     Parade from public and private sectors. Stage performances and shows 

  • Pikul Thong royal project...
     Pikul Thong Royal Project "Swamp Land Development Center Ground The prototype solution for acid soil."   Source:...
  • Tinsulanond Bridge...
      Considered as the longest concrete bridge in Thailand, Tinsulanond Bridge was built across Songkhla Lake and is part of Highway 408 wh...
  • Khao Nam Khang National Park...
        Beautifully and fertilely covered by verdant forests, Khao Nam Khang National Park is a home for two magnificent waterfall...