Labor Control


Labor Control

         For passengers who aim to travel in-and-out internationally to work legitimately, you need to present the employment contract at the job-seekers’ inspection counters under the following conditions:

  • Leave to Work outside of the Kingdom form
  • Passport
  • Boarding pass
  • A permit for work or training abroad (if present)


Job seekers notify for travel to work abroad by themselves

      (first-timer). In case job seekers have contacted employers to work abroad by themselves, prior to departure, they have to notify their trip at:

  • The Provincial Employment Offices
  • The Bangkok employment offices (Areas 1-10)
  • The international labor offices


By handing in the original documents and their copies as follows.

  • National ID Card or House Registration document
  • Passport
  • Copy of the employment contract certified by Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate or General responsible for Thai labor in the country to be employed
  • Visa to enter the country to be employed
  • Copy of the National ID Card of the parent or guardian (For those who are younger than 20 years-old) 
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