Top Hotels for Honeymoon in Hat Yai

Top Hotels for Honeymoon in Hat Yai

 Top Hotels for Honeymoon in Hat Yai

    Couples looking for a place to honeymoon 'Hat Yai' The cultural and food to eat. The hotel creates an atmosphere for all couples. The romantic chores. Perfect for honeymooners as possible. The hotel is that where some see it :)



Crystal Hotel Hat Yai

Address: Street Kanchanavanich Niche market town of Hat Yai. Hat Yai, Songkhla
Price: 2800-5000 ฿

    'Crystal Hotel Hayait' luxury city center. Contemporary style and modern luxury. With facilities given to all guests. With its central location like this Makes it quite easy to get to. Travel to various locations in London easily.




Buri Sriphu Boutique Hotel

Location: Sri PhuWana road car. The market town of Hat Yai. Hat Yai, Songkhla
Price: 2700-7500 ฿

    'Buri Sriphu Boutique Hotel' at the beginning of a great getaway in the heart of Hat Yai. Here, surrounded by amenities. Plus the interior with unique charm. Offers 90 rooms all together. It is a dream place of rest for travelers seeking charm comfort and convenience in Hat Yai.




Centara Hotel Hat Yai

Address: Street Sanehanusorn Rd., Hatyai Songkhla
Price: 4800-15000 ฿

    'Centara Hotel Hatyai' luxury hotel in the heart of the commercial and shopping district of Hat Yai. With convenient This elegant Creationism international dishes All rooms feature exquisite decor. With numerous facilities The swimming pool Gym lost sauna, spa and massage, Thailand.




TR Rock Hill Hotel

Location: Martin's Lane (Kanchanavanich new - Tung Don) to. Khohong. Hatyai Songkhla
Price: 1700-5000 ฿

    'TR Rock Hill Hotel' newest luxury accommodation. That allows you to get closer to nature and tranquility, a minimalist decor. But hidden under the warmth With services ranging from hotel All this makes this a great choice for honeymooners and couples of all a refreshing really.




V.L. Hatyai Hotel

Location: Niphat Uthit 1 Rd. Hat Yai Central. Hatyai Songkhla
Price: 900-1300 ฿

    'VL Hatyai' the perfect getaway for couples looking to enjoy the vibrant London hotel. The hotel offers more than 100 rooms with all modern amenities. For the comfort of the guests and all couples such as 24-hour front desk, valet parking, room service, concierge. And meeting




The Bed Hotel Hatyai

Address: Street Supachai substance snowmelt. The market town of Hat Yai. Hat Yai, Songkhla
Price: 2000-5500 ฿

    'The Bed Hatyai' luxury accommodation in a relaxing experience for couples. Here, in addition to close to major shopping abundance. The hotel also offers complementary thread. Such as a shuttle to the airport and attractions. The tour includes a coffee shop brand. You can enjoy the city center here.




Diamond Plaza Hatyai Hotel

Address: Street Niphat Uthit 3 Rd., Hat Yai, Songkhla
Price: 1900-5000 ฿

    'Diamond Plaza Hotel Hat Yai' luxury style classic. Just step into it with the warmth and luxury. Here in the heart of London. Easy to get Ready for you to enjoy a variety of international cuisine throughout the day. The Hotel Services




Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel

Address: Democratic Road Hat Yai Central. Hatyai Songkhla
Price: 1300-1800 ฿

    Lee Gardens Plaza, hotel in downtown London. Luxurious With facilities Close to shopping and entertainment The rooms also offer breathtaking views of the city of Hat Yai. Lake and surrounding mountains beyond. Enhance the romantic atmosphere for couples, all quite well.




Red Planet Hotel Hatyai

Location: Niphat Uthit 2 Road. Hat Yai Central. Hatyai Songkhla
Price: 1000-1300 ฿

    'Red Planet Hotel Hatyai' or Tune Hotel Hat Yai Popular. Near Kim Yong Market. Guarantee you that very convenient. Rooms decorated with modern equipment and facilities such as massage to ease the fatigue of the body as well.




Lalita Boutique Hotel

Address: Hat Yai Uthit 30 - Northumberland Rd., Hatyai Songkhla
Price: 600-2000 ฿

    'Lalita Boutique Hotel' hotel in Hatyai that offers affordable rates. On the best location on the beach. Here, close to shopping, nightlife and renowned restaurants. The rooms are decorated in contemporary style. Each room is different It feels like a second home for all. Whether you come together as a family, group of friends or couples.




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