Top 10 Budget Hotels in Hat Yai

Top 10 Budget Hotels in Hat Yai


 Top 10 Budget Hotels in Hat Yai


    In addition to the tourist city of Hat Yai in southern origin. People of diverse racial and tourists are given to the Dream Destination favorites and save money in the bag. We strongly recommend that both beautiful and comfortable, and reasonably priced. It is located in the heart of Hat Yai as well. (* All prices are subject to change depending on the hotel).


 Get Guesthouse

Address: Supasarn Rangsan Rd. Soi Pracha Rak The market town of Hat Yai, Hatyai Songkhla
Rate per night: Start 340฿

    'Get Guesthouse' Even as a guesthouse. But the specialty here to tell you that is not common here. Besides a spectacular view up to 360 degrees and there is a spa to help you relax from travel fatigue. Douche bag with a progesterone. Meet all the needs of tourists as well.


PP Resort

Address: Soi34 Rad-Utid Rd. Hat Yai North, Hatyai Songkla
Rate per night: Start 430฿


    'PP Resort' hotel is surrounded by natural greenery and warm, ideal for quiet relaxation. Located in the heart of Hat Yai And Attractions Leading entertainment With 25 comfortable rooms, all equipped with modern amenities. But the price is worth saving around it.



Neca Complex Apartment

Address: Soi3 Tong Ree Rd, Khohong, Hatyai Songkhla
Rate per night: Start 760 ฿.


    'Neca Complex Apartment' newly opened apartment. Chic, modern condo. A spacious sitting area is unique, unlike anywhere else. Add a personal security system with a 24-hour journey to the hotel. Support urban lifestyle perfectly.



V-Ocean Palace

Address: Sriphadungvithi Rd. Hat Yai Market Area, Hatyai Songkla
Rate per night: Start 


    'V-Ocean Palace' cozy accommodation Phil sea. And you must not forget that day in central London! The atmosphere is warm, clean, decorated with blue, white and green. Ornaments and smell the sea breeze. This all combines to give you a price that one must not refuse!




La Pause Hatyai

Address: Juti Uthit 3 Rd. Hat Yai Market Area, Hatyai Songkla
Rate per night: Start 1,040฿


    'La Pause Hatyai' small hotel, but the cool, not too small. Here are eight rooms, each room will have a different style to it. It is a new alternative for travelers who want a different quality and excellent service. Another sets to meet the service as well. Well not always have to be expensive to me.




PB Grand Hotel

Address: Rad-Utid Rd. Hat Yai North, Hatyai Songkla
Rate per night: Start 610฿


    'PB Grand Hotel' above the rest, but impresses. Located in the business district, conveniently spacious room has elegant furnishings and modern influences blend. It offers the perfect, affordable prices. Whether you are coming together as families, friends or couples. Here it is served with warm and friendly service all the time.



Lalita Boutique Hotel

Address: Rad-Utid Rd. Soi30 Hat Yai North, Hatyai Songkla
Rate per night: Start 670฿


    'Lalita Boutique Hotel' hotel that feels like I am staying at my own home. Awareness exotic decor and unique surrounded by entertainment. Shopping Many restaurants Tourists who come together as a group or family slept comfortably. But the price was not so shocked.



Ido Boutique Suite

Address: Rad-Utid Rd. Soi6, Hatyai Songkla
Rate per night: Start 740฿


    'Ido Boutique Suite' boutique at reasonable prices, friendly feel to the kid-friendly. The atmosphere emphasizes harmony with the existing buildings. Contemporary, unusual but homely feel. I like to take pictures that can not be missed here really. You will come across the beautiful images impressed by appearances.



Leevana Hotel

Address: Rad-Utid Rd. Hat Yai North, Hatyai Songkla
Rate per night: Start 670฿


    'Leevana Hotel's' best value option for the modern man. With all seven layers, starting no later than 1000 ฿ comfortable and beautifully decorated. Although the newly opened shortly. But now both in Thailand and overseas. Especially Malaysia and Singapore Frequented often stay here until told to come back. Accommodation becoming more popular now.



Kiss Garden Home Chic Hotel

Address: Hoymook Rd. Hat Yai Market town, Hatyai Songkla
Rate per night: Start 970 ฿.


    'Kiss Garden Home Chic Hotel' accommodation is an excellent starting point for the tour. The decorative style of modern, simple but yet is a classic. With its central location and modern facilities. Making it one of the top choice of tourists ever.



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